The Basket portfolio just got bigger!

2 min readOct 25, 2021

We are proud to announce that we have acquired 429000 FOUND Coins.

FOUND Coins will be placed permanently into a specially designed staking system to not only earn passive income, but also to benefit from other significant features provided by our Partner — ccFOUND. FOUND Coins and all the perks associated with them will be used purely to further extend Basket portfolio and also to increase upcoming buybacks. Remember — buyback & burn process will enhance and speed-up deflation process of BasketCoin tokens.

As you may know we have partnerships with many projects and during the Dubai conference we had meetings not only with our closest Partners such as ccFOUND, but also with other, well-known people in the crypto-world. Many new connections were made and investment into ccFOUND is sorely a result of all these events. Stay tuned for more information, we are just getting started!

What is ccFOUND?

ccFOUND is an upcoming social network focused on sharing wisdom and knowledge monetization

ccFOUND aims to create the largest online, self-updating, multilingual knowledge database. ccFOUND helps you to learn about any topic by providing information in the most natural way — through Questions & Answers, together with machine translation of all content into all languages, making each question, response and comment immediately appear in all search engines in each country.

ccFOUND will also gradually decentralize until it becomes a true DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) with processes independent of central management. ccFOUND economy has been designed so that FOUND Coins generate tokens in the form of a commission from transaction profits. FOUND Coin is designed to grow in value through internal demand and the process of burning coins.




BasketCoin — deflationary token supported by a basket of cryptocurrencies with buy-backs and burns process; with possibility of staking and governance features.