Introducing the changes to the Basket Investment Portfolio!

2 min readOct 29, 2021

During the past few days you have witnessed an increase in the Basket Investment Portfolio. To the existing Basket Investment Portfolio we have added two completely new cryptocurrencies — FOUND Coins (ccFound) and SNP (Synapse Network). Both of these investments indicate further collaboration between BasketCoin and our Partners. We would like to confirm that this is only the beginning of changes that will occur in the near future.

Benefits to BasketCoin hodlers
There are plenty of reasons why we are adding new cryptocurrencies into the Basket Investment Portfolio.

The most important reason is the simplest: we want to increase the overall value of the Basket, because total value of the Basket is a major indicator for both new and existing Investors.

Moreover we would love to reassure that the Basket Investment Portfolio is diversified as much as possible; the more differential it is, the better.

It is also crucial to mention that we are choosing only cryptocurrencies which have real potential and the ones that can be lucrative in the long-term. Major factors also include the possibility of earning passive income via staking them (i.e. cryptocurrencies in the Basket) and also to benefit from other significant features associated with them. These are the points we always consider while selecting new cryptocurrencies into the Basket Investment Portfolio. Rules mentioned above will lead to the further extending Basket portfolio and more importantly to boost upcoming buybacks.

Augmentation of the Basket Investment Portfolio can attract new Investors into crypto-space and deflationary nature of BasketCoin tokens combined with upcoming buyback & burn process is going to take tokens out of circulating supply and therefore it may lead, in a long-term, to persistent increase in the value of BasketCoin tokens.

You can check out the whole Basket Investment Portfolio on a website — just head over to




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