Extending the partnership with Synapse Network!

We are extending our partnership with Synapse Network to the next level and we are delighted to announce that we have acquired approx. 18 500 SNP into Basket Investment Portfolio!

It’s the time to increase connection between BasketCoin and Synapse Network, as we first started with a marketing partnership and it all went perfectly fine. We decided to augment our collaboration and we have made an investment into SNP tokens. Basket portfolio is getting bigger and bigger every day and we strongly believe Synapse Network is going to help us with steady growth.

SNP tokens will be utilized within the native SNP staking app to enlarge lucrative passive income and in a long-term also to provide further possibilities of investments. Stay tuned for more information!

What is Synapse Network?

Synapse Network is the bridge to a new world of fundraising across all smart-contract-based blockchains.

Synapse Network is developing a Cross-Chain Launchpad and Start-up Incubator Ecosystem together with further plans of implementing Cross-Chain DEX and also De-Fi Marketplace. The Cross-Chain functionality combined with SNP tokens will give users the ability to interact, trade, hold and use their resources in a desirable way.

The Synapse Network will be a fully functional ecosystem built to connect investors with promising projects from their earliest stages. A specially designed tier system will give investors the ability to contribute to projects they find appealing even with minimum capital.



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BasketCoin — deflationary token supported by a basket of cryptocurrencies with buy-backs and burns process; with possibility of staking and governance features.