BasketCoin 1st Birthday!

Blockchain Migration, 10% burn & much more

  1. Massive BSKT Token Burn.
  2. Migration from Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain.
  3. What we’ve accomplished in 2021?
  4. What we’ll accomplish in 2022?
  5. Article Summary

1/ Massive BSKT Token Burning

2/ Migration from Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain

  1. Transaction fees are much lower. $20 -> $0,2. It’s essential because now we have a wider entry point for retail investors. In other words, even fish can put the skin in the game — not only whales.
  2. What’s more, the volumes are much higher. We have been on Binance Smart Chain for 77 days. The total volume over that time is about $3,3M. On the contrary, the trading volume on ETH blockchain from the last 77 days is about $0,33M.

3/ What we’ve accomplished in 2021?

  1. Setting up the company.
  2. Listing on DEX (PancakeSwap).
  3. Filling our token basket with BTC, ETH, SKEY, DOT, YF-DAI, USDC and BSKT tokens.
  4. Dividing funds from the basket between multiple DeFi protocols.
  5. Launch of the staking platform.
  6. Development & issuance of 1/4 NFT cards.
  7. Development of operational rules for the Governance Platform.
  8. CEX listing.
  9. Launching $BSKT statistics platform (
  10. First marketing publications.
  11. Adding new tokens to the basket.
  12. $BSKT migration from ETH to BSC (and a new smart contract).

4/ What we’ll accomplish in 2022?

  1. BasketCoin Financial Audit (an inherent part of being transparent).
  2. Re-branding (refreshing the company UX & UI).
  3. Cross-chain solution (easier brand expansion).
  4. Governance Platform Launch (BSKT investors will be able to participate in the Basket Coin development actively).
  5. 2nd, 3rd and 4th NFT collection launch.

Article Summary 📝



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BasketCoin — deflationary token supported by a basket of cryptocurrencies with buy-backs and burns process; with possibility of staking and governance features.